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Full Loaves

Full Loaves

104oz loaves yield 22 4.5 oz Bars of Soap.

42oz loaves yield 11 4 oz bars of Soap

You can choose the scent that you would like out of the regular bar options I have available, just please note which scent you want.

Loaves will come pre cut and unlabeled unless otherwise specified


It is recommended however that you wait about 4 weeks after receiving your order to allow the soap to harden to make it last longer. But you can use it right away as well.


*The picture references two 5lb loaves. Each order you will receive ONE loaf unless you of course want more than 1

*There is a one week processing time to create the loaf.


If you would like a custom loaf please use the contact form to submit a quote and we can chat about what you are looking for and we can discuss pricing from there.




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