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Full Loaves - 5lbs

Full Loaves - 5lbs

Choosing a full loaf you are able to cut as you go to create whatever size bar you would like. Loaves weigh approximately 5lbs and yeild 11 Bars of Soap. You can choose the scent that you would like out of the regular bar options I have available, just please note which scent you want.


It is recommended however that you wait about 4 weeks after receiving your order to allow the soap to harder to make it last longer. But you can use it right away as well. If you would like to have it pre-cut into bars please notate. 


*Loaf will be split in half for easier shipping

*The picture references two 5lb loaves. Each order you will receive ONE loaf unless you of course want more than 1

*There is a one week processing time to create the loaf.


If you would like a custom loaf please use the contact form to submit a quote and we can chat about what you are looking for and we can discuss pricing from there. 




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